The Bell & Paton portable walk in greenhouse tunnel is specifically designed for the home gardener. Self-sufficient food propagation has never been easier.

The variety of sizes available mean that anyone, no matter how much space they have available, can produce fresh greens for the home.

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3m Portable Greenhouse Tunnels

R3,200.00 Price Excl. VAT

4.5m Portable Greenhouse Tunnel

R3,600.00 Price Excl. VAT

Greenhouse Tunnel – 10m x 3m x 2m High

R10,500.00 R8,500.00 Price Excl. VAT

Hydroponic System

R2,500.00 Price Excl. VAT

Greenhouse Tunnel – 12m x 3m x 2.5m High

R13,000.00 Price Excl. VAT

Greenhouse Tunnel – 6m x 3m x 2.5m High

R7,500.00 Price Excl. VAT

Greenhouse Tunnel – 10m x 3m x 2.5m High

R11,500.00 Price Excl. VAT
Out of stock-17%

Intelligent Electric Knapsack Sprayer

R1,200.00 R999.00 Price Excl. VAT


Let’s get planting with our Portable Greenhouse Tunnels and seeds.


Protection against harsh weather conditions, pests and other species


Accelerate growth of your plants throughout the seasons.


Plant all-year-round and intensify your production.


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