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Bell and Paton targets primarily the residential homeowners’ and gardeners’ market with agricultural products. These include portable greenhouse tunnels in various sizes, irrigation systems, Knapsack sprayers, hydroponic systems down to vegetable and herb seeds. The company has gone from strength to strength as most products can be used at home and form the infrastructure for a healthier living.

“ Bell & Paton introduces you to the portable walk in Greenhouse Tunnel, specifically designed for the home gardener. ”

The Bell & Paton Portable Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel is specifically designed for the home gardener. Self-sufficient food propagation has never been easier. The variety of sizes available mean that anyone, no matter how much space they have available, can produce fresh greens for the home.

Crops ranging from leafy vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage, spinach, basil, oregano, thyme, rocket, sage dill, pak choi, tah tsai, parsley are all perfectly suited to these greenhouses. Vine crops including tomato, cucumbers, marrow, chilli and egg plant can easily be trained up inside the greenhouse. Root vegetables like carrots, turnips, parsnips, potatoes and radishes thrive in the warm environment. The heat retention of the PE greenhouse design allows summer crops to be grown later into the colder months. Summer crops can also be planted earlier to extend their growing season.

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Greenhouses are beautiful and extremely useful structures for a garden. If you are considering purchasing one for your garden – here are some answers to frequently asked questions that may assist you in deciding.

Bell & Paton have supplied thousands of South Africans with various greenhouses and helped them achieve their goals of being self-sufficient and growing “their own”.  We have greenhouses in every climate and biome of our country and have extensive knowledge on how, where and if our greenhouses will work for you.  We supply to every city and town in South Africa.

These are some of the Frequently Asked Questions that other South Africans have had before and after buying one of our greenhouses

Greenhouses create a more stable thermal environment than growing outside. The whole enclosure decreases the dramatic temperature swings from high to low. The average temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius warmer inside the greenhouse than outside. Plants that require a warmer climate can therefore be grown in a cooler location.

By creating a warmer, average climate in the greenhouse, your growing season can start earlier and can extend later in the year than planting outside. 

The greenhouse, when managed properly, can drastically reduce the overall pest population on your crop by creating a physical barrier for insects and other plant pests.

The Polyurethane (PE) plastic greenhouse cover is 100% virgin material. It consists of 2 layers of PE with a rip-stop mesh inside. The material is 100% waterproof and is 6% UV treated. The plastic has a weight 180g/m2. Bell and Paton plastic comes in white and lets through 70% of the natural light. Our Greenhouses are designed for full sunshine growing.
Greenhouse for sale South Africa

Please note that our greenhouse must always be secured against strong wind. The dome shape acts like an aircraft wing and may create lift if there is strong wind. If the greenhouse is not secured it may shift/position/move. Any part of the PE cover that is loose and flapping in strong wind may tear or rip. It is not designed to stand alone. It must be secured along all sides in a way that it cannot move or flap.

The most effective way to secure is as follows:

  • Dig a 25cm deep x 25cm wide trench around the perimeter of the structure ensuring that the soil is retained.
  • Place the base of the frame and the plastic PE cover in the trench following the contours of the trench.
  • Place the PE cover over the frame and make sure that the doors are zipped closed before moving on to the next step.
  • Replace the soil on top of the plastic PE cover ensuring that it is completely covered by the soil.
  • Compress and compact the soil that has been replaced. This ensures that the plastic PE cover around the perimeter of the greenhouse is secured.
  • Pour water either with a hosepipe or by multiple bucket loads to wet the soil in the trench until moist and compact the soil again.
  • In strong winds, secure the doors so that they cannot flap in the wind.


Erecting the greenhouse and not securing it in the above manner will void any warrantee.

Yes. Bell and Paton warrants that, on delivery, this greenhouse will be:

  • reasonably suitable for the purposes for which it is generally intended;
  • of good quality, in good working order and free of any defects;
  • useable and durable for a reasonable period of time, having regard to the use to which it would normally be put and the circumstances in which it would normally be used;
  • comply with any applicable standards set under any public regulation.


Should the greenhouse fail to satisfy the requirements and standards contemplated above, you may, within six months after delivery of the product to you, return it to us. At our discretion we will either repair it, replace it orrefund the price you paid.

The warranty shall not apply:

  • if the greenhouse has not been correctly secured;
  • if the greenhouse is altered or tampered with after delivery;
  • if damage is caused by any Act of God, fire, flood, storm or other adverse weather conditions (including strong wind), or by deliberate or negligent act by any person.

Once an order has been received, we dispatch to the couriers immediately. The couriers usually collect before 2pm Monday to Friday. We use “The Courier Guy” as our preferred courier. Delivery to major centres usually takes 1 to 3 days. Delivery, even to outlying areas, never takes more than 5 working days.

You are also more than welcome to come to the warehouse (based at 281 Honeydew Road West, Northriding, Roodepoort) and collect before 2pm Monday to Friday.

We have our showroom and warehouse located at 281 Honeydew Road West, Northriding, Roodepoort. You are more than welcome to visit and have a look at all the sizes available in our showroom. It is advisable to give us a ring before you come to make sure we are available to assist you.

We have a Payfast facility on this website (PayFast).

If you would like an official quote or a formal invoice before payment, please email us (info@bellandpaton.com) or give us a ring.

If you would like to do an eft, please get hold of us so that we can send you an invoice on email or WhatsApp.

You are more than welcome to visit us instore where we have card facilities.

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