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Hydroponic Systems

Hydroponic Systems for sustainable home gardening

Bell and Paton have extended our product range. We are now selling hydroponic systems at an affordable price. 

Hydroponic cultivation is a sustainable solution for home gardening. Just add water, fertilizer and a little knowledge and basic DIY skills. Hydroponic gardens require less space, resources and water.

What is a hydroponic system?

It is a system that allows the growing of plants in nutrient/fertilizer solutions. No soil is needed as you provide all the nutrients to the plant in the solution/water.

What you will need to grow plants hydroponically:

Fresh water – Tap or borehole water is perfect for hydroponics. In the unlikely event that the pH of your water is below 5 for higher than 9, there are a few solutions available for adjusting the acidity/alkalinity of your water at your local garden shop.

Root Support – hydroponic gardening requires no soil. All the Bell and Paton hydroponic systems allow the plants’ roots to hang in the nutrient solution all day. The shape of the holes and the seedling planting cups will be enough to keep your plants upright.

Nutrients – plants need plenty of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, and other nutrients for health and productive growth. Plants will usually draw these nutrients form the soil and fertilizer. As hydroponics don’t use soil, fertilizer must be added to the water. At Bell and Paton, we sell complete liquid fertilizer solutions for the beginner. We even sell an organic liquid fertilizer! We also sell easy-to-use conductivity meters that allow you to determine your nutrient level and adjust accordingly.

Light – light is essential to healthy plant growth; natural sunlight is sufficient for hydroponic growing. Make sure that your hydroponic system has as much sun as possible all day.

Temperature – Most plants need warm conditions to grow. Summer provides the best conditions for growth. Remember, the faster your plants grow and the bigger they get, the more nutrients they require. Check your EC daily for best growth.

Is hydroponic growing better that traditional soil growing?

In recent years many greenhouse enthusiasts are moving from soil growing to hydroponic systems. The reason so the change is that although hydroponics has a higher initial cost layout it saves on space, water and produces plants in a shorter period.

Without soil, hydroponic plants are less prone to diseases. There is therefore less need for chemicals and pesticides. You can also ensure your plants do not suffer from any nutrient deficiencies as the plant food solution is given directly to the roots and can be adjusted immediately.

Benefits of using hydroponic systems.

  • You can grow plants anywhere and in smaller spaces (balconies are perfect)
  • Any plant can grow hydroponically
  • Uses less water as it is all recycled
  • reduced need for pesticides
  • Nutrient deficiencies can easily be identified and adjusted for
  • No weeding or crop rotation is required
  • Clean crops can be harvested without soil

Bell and Paton’s range of hydroponic systems have been specifically sourced to fit with our top-quality brand. Our hydroponic kits come with easy-to-understand instructions and can be set up in no time. For more information feel free to contact us to get started on your sustainable gardening journey.

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