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Greenhouse Replacement Plastic Covers

Bell and Paton greenhouse tunnels come standard with a durable PE (polyethylene) plastic cover. Our extra-strong plastic covers are designed to withstand South African conditions. But as life would have it, over time your cover may succumb to wear and tear. Should something catastrophic happen to your PE cover, Bell and Paton do sell replacement plastic covers for your greenhouse. 

We have developed greenhouse covers to protect your plants, seedlings and your fruit-bearing stalks.

Bell and Paton greenhouse covers are made of:

  • Agricultural grade plastic cover is made from 180g/m2 PE (polyethylene) material.
  • The plastic cover is 6% UV treated and will not disintegrate in the South African sun.
  • The plastic cover is 100% waterproof and has built-in rip-stop mechanism.
  • The plastic cover allows 70%, diffuse light penetration which is perfect for all crops.
  • There are 2 doors, one at the front and 1 at the back.
  • Each door has 2, oversized zips.
  • There are small (30cm x 30cm), roll-up flaps in 1m intervals along the length of the greenhouse.

Each roll-up, side flap is double layered. The first layer is a roll-up PE and the second, fixed layer is 40% white agricultural shade netting.

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