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Tiered Greenhouse 8 Shelves


Bell & Paton are the original suppliers of portable greenhouses in South Africa. We are experienced farmers providing South Africans with a quality growing solution for the home gardener. We supply durable greenhouses to every corner of South Africa where they have been fully tested in every environment. Bell & Paton greenhouses offer superior quality and will last season after season.


Our 8 shelve-tiered walk-in greenhouse keeps the inside growing environment warmer than the outside. More warmth inside the greenhouse means that crops grow faster. It also means that you can start growing earlier in the season and continue to grow later into the colder periods. Growing under cover provides protection from hard rain, hail and from pests. Bell & Paton plastic covers are made from a durable (180g/m2), double layer polyethylene plastic (PE) with a rip-stop inner mesh. Only Bell & Paton PE plastic is waterproof and 7% UV treated and will NOT disintegrate or leave little pieces of plastic all over your garden in 6 months’ time.

This 8 shelf unit provides the grower with ample space for seeding production or mature plant grow-out area. Whether you are starting a veggie, ornamental, flower or succulent garden, the 8 shelf greenhouse fits easily into narrow gardens or smaller areas. The 2m height means that you can easily stand up inside the greenhouse. Once you start growing in a Bell & Paton 8 shelf greenhouse, you never look back.

Bell & Paton 155cm long x 140cm wide x 200cm high greenhouses have the following specifications:
- 8mm diameter, 0.5mm thickness, powder coated steel poles for the endoskeleton.

PE (plastic) cover is designed for the harsh South African environment:
It is white, agricultural grade polyethylene plastic (PE)
UV treated (7%), will NOT disintegrate
100% waterproof
Reinforced with a rip-stop mesh.
It has a mass of 180g/m2 which equates to 220 micron plastic
Allows 70% light penetration (perfect for South African conditions)

Replacement plastics (in the event of disaster) are available
Full instructions and all tools required for construction
Advice and backup from the Bell & Paton team come standard with every greenhouse

What's in the box
PE plastic cover
Construction tools
Instruction leaflet

Peace of mind that you have a Bell and Paton greenhouse

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